April 22, 2019

3 Steps for a Great Job Interview

Dr Bryan Brulotte CD
Dr. Bryan Brulotte KJ CD
CEO & Chairman, MaxSys

Every interview is unique. There is a possibility that you might be asked to talk about past work experience, given a task to complete in a short period of time, or several of the company’s employees will be interviewing you at once.

Preparing for an interview is always a little difficult. Luckily, there are some common interview questions that can help you get pointed into the right direction.

1. “Why are you on the job market?”

Every candidate has a story and it’s important for employers to understand what made you leave your last position.

Be honest in the interview, but present why the role you’re interviewing for is a better fit than your current or last position in a positive manner. Focus on what you hope to learn in your next opportunity.

If you didn’t leave your last role by choice, be honest about it because there’s a high chance your potential employer will find out or already has. Being open about what happened and explain both what you learned and why it won’t happen again can help you out greatly.

2. “Why are you interested in this role?”

First, identify a couple of key factors and consider why you think this role is a great fit for you.

Next, consider why you’re interested in the role at this company.

Most importantly, be honest, overselling yourself for something you aren’t interested in or are not good at won’t benefit the company or you.

3. “What would you do in your first week on the job?”

This is your chance to show that you’ve done your research and seriously thought about the role at this company.

Start by thinking about parts of the company will you need to familiarize yourself with.

Next, choose a few areas where you think you can make meaningful contributions because having a well thought-out answer prepared for this question will show the interviewer where you can add immediate impact.

In the end, interviewing well is a skill, and practice makes perfect. So, if you aren’t feeling very confident, grab a friend and take turns interviewing each other. The more comfortable you get answering any interview questions that an employer might ask you, the more likely you’ll be to land your dream job.

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