Dr Bryan Brulotte CD
HCol Bryan Brulotte KJ CD PhD
PDG et Président, MaxSys

octobre 16, 2019

8 Wellness Activities for Your Corporate Health Program

In the modern workplace, corporate wellness programs are becoming more important for retaining top talent and improving employee performance. From offering healthy snacks and fitness classes to adding scooters and mini trampolines to your office, there are plenty of choices for what wellness activities to include. Helping your employees stay happy and healthy will lead to…

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octobre 15, 2019

6 Steps to Employee On-Boarding

So you think you’ve hired the “perfect” candidate? It’s imperative that the new employee’s onboarding experience leaves a positive impression. Did you know that employees who quit within the first 90 days usually do so because of the treatment they receive in the first two days? Ideally, you want new employees to quickly feel comfortable…

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octobre 10, 2019

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity for all of us to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate against social stigma. The day provides an opportunity for you and your organisation to add to the wider conversation that will be occurring on social media, television and elsewhere. Highlight the fantastic work you’re already doing…

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octobre 8, 2019

5 Tips to Nail Your IT Interview!

IT recruiting has evolved tremendously over the last decade. As organizations have become more IT-friendly, clients are expecting the same in return. Because IT providers now rely heavily on providing quality service, they need a staff who can accommodate these evolving — and demanding — needs. To prepare for an upcoming IT interview, be sure…

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