Building Technician- level Senior (36 months experience)

Job CategoryTrades & Technical
Position Type
Application Deadline November 30, 2021
Experience Required3 years
Job Duration1 year
Education RequiredCollege Diploma

Mandatory requirements: Building Environmental Systems Class 1 or 2 BOMI Building Systems Maintenance Certification Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Gas Technician 1 or 2 Instrumentation Technician Certification Current and Valid Health and Safety Certification , WHMIS and Working at Heights, Confined SpaceEntry 1. Conducts operational, visual inspection and preventive maintenance tasks on building HVAC systems, fume hoods, wells and plumbing, life safety systems, the computerized Building Automation System (BAS), drainage and fire protection equipment, including mechanical, electrical (low voltage) and architectural-structural equipment in accordance within limitation of a Building Systems Technician Certificate. 2. Monitors indoor air quality to detect operational and environmental concerns and problems to ensure the integrity of systems and safety and comfort of building occupants; and takes corrective action, including mechanical repairs, adjustments and replacement of components. 3. Serves as first line of response to complaints from building occupants, discusses issues, negotiates and takes corrective action; and work closely with security and health and safety representatives to respond to health, safety and emergency situations. 4. Maintains current knowledge of, and ensures work is performed in compliance with industry and departmental standards, codes and building operating procedures including Occupation Health & Safety (OHS), building emergency response, and Business Continuity Plans (BCP). 5. Provides a point of contact and liaison with clients/occupants, security officers, management, trade, engineers and other professionals to respond to client concerns and information requests, provide technical input on plans and specs for proposed modifications to systems and prepares related responses/reports. 6. Conducts potable water testing and maintenance for site buildings. 7. Escorts fuel deliveries to ensure federal environmental regulations are followed. 8. Works with other trades in the operations & maintenance group to assist in maintenance and repairs to buildings and operational systems. 9. Coordinates, makes recommendations to the Supervisor and/or Manager and arranges for maintenance and repair work to be done on contracts and monitors and reports on the work of the contractor. 10. Operates monitoring and control systems and maintains records and logs of maintenance and repair activities. 11. Performing cleaning tasks 12. Performing landscaping tasks 13. Monitoring and performing more complex repairs and maintenance of HVAC and plumbing systems 14. Moving furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. 15. Ensuring that the appropriate security and safety measures are in place