Business Support Clerk

Job CategoryOffice Admin & Legal
Position TypeContract
Application Deadline March 31, 2020
Experience RequiredN/A
Job DurationTemporary
Education RequiredN/A

Job Summary:
Respond to and follow up on written and telephone requests for building maintenance and facilities services including office/workstation . Maintain records and provide reports relating to maintenance requests. Respond to and co-ordinate requests for meeting room bookings, audio-visual and teleconferencing equipment at Simcoe Place.
Major Duties & Responsibilities
1. Respond to and follow up on all written and telephone requests for building maintenance and facilities services:
· Receiving requests for maintenance or repairs to heating/cooling systems, plumbing (i.e. floods), elevators, desk/file cabinet locks, appliances, interior planting, furniture adjustments;
· Assigning work orders to appropriate Facilities Management staff or contacting appropriate service provider or property management staff, depending on type of maintenance required, and providing individuals with copy of request;
· Following up by telephone or in writing with Facilities Management staff and internal/external service providers to obtain status of repair work and advising requester, as required.
2. Maintain records related to requests received by:
· Electronically recording data for all requests using Excel software, such as request date, reason for request code, contact name, floor, grid location, name of individual responsible for completion of work order for use in later follow-up and preparation of statistics;
· Preparing statistical reports based on all data using Excel software.
3. Respond to and co-ordinate requests for meeting room bookings and audio-visual equipment for Simcoe Place by:
· Receiving requests and reviewing Intelligent Room Booking system to determine availability of room and book room when availability is identified;
· Confirming meeting room set-up and audio-visual requirements with requestor and providing requestor with written confirmation;
· Co-ordinating and assigning set-up of meeting rooms/audio-visual equipment with Facilities Management staff;
· Arranging delivery/set-up of teleconferencing equipment as requested;
· Obtaining agreement from client and arranging changes in meeting/training rooms where necessary.
4. Respond to requests for and provide new workstation/office signage as requested by:
· Confirming all necessary information to be included in request such as name, grid location, division, branch and floor;
5. Perform other related duties as assigned or required, such as:
· Assisting with the development of documentation related to the workflows and processes to be included in a reference manual for the Building Operations Order Desk.

To apply, please send updated resume: