GIS Senior Developer/Analyst

Job CategoryInformation Technology
Position TypeContract
Application Deadline May 28, 2021
Experience Required10+ years
Job Duration6 months
Education RequiredN/A

Our client is looking for a GIS Senior Developer/Analyst to work in Ottawa.

The GIS Senior Developer/Analyst is an integral part of the GIS Technical team and is responsible for analyzing, developing and delivering the technical solution that satisfies the functional design documents prepared by functional specialists. From functional design documents and other useful requirements documents, the GIS Senior Developer/Analyst is responsible for delivering a sound technical solution for the tasks assigned and for meeting pre-defined milestones as set out in the project plan.
The GIS Senior Developer/Analyst consults and works with other technical groups, functional specialists, testers, and clients when required to ensure a sound solution is achieved. Excellent interpersonal skills, problem-solving capabilities, and an ability to work in a fast pace and under time pressure conditions are essential.

Knowledge and proven experience with Esri Desktop and Esri Server software, their implementation, customization, and support is mandatory.

Major Responsibilities & Accountabilities

• Understands and interprets GIS-related functional requirements as set forth in the functional design documents;
• Analyzes GIS technical solutions that will satisfy the functional requirements;
• Designs, develops and unit tests GIS technical solutions for moderate to complex work objects assigned;
• Provides support to test teams during product and UAT testing of the GIS technical solution developed;
• Prepares and implements the technical solution to the production environment. This includes the development of technical documentation;
• Investigates and provides post implementation support of the technical solution implemented.

Education & Training Requirements

At a minimum, successful completion of two years of an acceptable post-secondary educational program in computer science, information technology, information management, geomatics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), or another specialty relevant to the position to be staffed.

Technical Knowledge Requirements

Substantiated knowledge of the following is required for the position:
• Esri ArcGIS Server (version 10.x);
• Esri ArcGIS Desktop (version 10.x);
• Programing Languages such as .Net, Python, Shell Scripting, SQL;
• Relational databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, or MS SQL Server;
• Esri Spatial Database Engine (SDE) geodatabases;
• GIS file formats conversion;
• Projections;
• ArcGIS Web services publishing;
• ArcGIS GeoProcessing tools and services;
• Web Service protocols such as SOAP and REST;
• Web client technologies such as HTML5/JavaScript, Dojo, Angular, or Typescript;

Experience Requirements

10 years – Significant and recent position related experience is required.

Required Skills

Substantiated skills and recent application of these is required for the position:

• Ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing;
• Ability to work effectively within a team;
• Ability to work under pressure;
• Ability to analyze and apply technical information; 
• Ability to implement, configure, and administer Esri ArcGIS Server (version 10.x);
• Ability to use Esri ArcGIS Desktop (version 10.x) for mapping and processing geography data;
• Ability to design and program using languages such as C#, Python, shell Scripting, SQL;
• Ability to work with relational databases such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, or MS SQL Server;
• Ability to design, implement, and manage Esri Spatial Database Engine (SDE) geodatabases;
• Ability to design, develop, and implement GeoProcessing tools and services;

Desirable Skills and Experiences

In addition, the following skills and recent experiences are deemed of high interest:
• Experience with Agile development methodology;
• Experience with DevOps methodology;
• Experience with Transportation Networks;
• Ability to perform Network analysis and Network optimization;
• Experience with Linear Referencing implementation and editing;
• Experience with Address standardization and Address geocoding;
• Ability to create ArcGIS Locators;
• Experience with Esri ArcObjects;
• Experience with BI, analytics, and reporting tools like IBM Cognos, SAP Business Object, or Tableau;
• Experience with Esri ArcGIS Online capabilities, configuration, and administration;
• Experience with Portal for ArcGIS capabilities, configuration, and administration;
• Experience with NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, CouchDB)
• Experience with Big Data (e.g. Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake, Apache Hadoop);
• Experience with ETL tools like Safe Software FME;
• Experience with Open Data acquisition and processing;
• Experience with Statistical and Demographic data;
• Ability to design, develop, and implement web clients using technologies such as HTML5/JavaScript, Dojo, Angular, or Typescript;

Candidate MUST hold a Security Clearance of Reliability level and can provide 2 professional references prior to review.
If interested, send your resume to: