Maintainence Clerk

Job CategoryManufacturing Assembly
Position TypeFull Time
Application Deadline July 30, 2021
Experience Required1-2 years
Job Duration1 year
Education RequiredHigh School

Our Client is currently hiring a Full- time Maintenance Clerk for their busy aluminum processing warehouse in East York.

Duties include:
Cleans and provides upkeep for spaces and buildings, performs basic repairs, maintains cleaning supplies, and operates cleaning equipment.

Job Duties
•  Disinfect surfaces and material within Warehouse
• Sweeps and mops floors
• Vacuums and steam cleans carpets
• Cleans and disinfects toilets and replenishes supplies such as toilet paper, soap, and paper towels
• Responds to urgent situations, such as spills, that require quick action
• Orders cleaning supplies and equipment and maintains an appropriate stock at all times
• Mixes liquids and solvents from basic materials to create effective cleaning supplies
• Operates and maintains equipment such as vacuums and floor cleaners
• Collects and removes trash from a building or space
• Makes minor repairs as necessary, including tasks such as changing light bulbs and fixing leaks
• Notifies supervisor when major repairs, including structural issues or highly skilled tasks, are required
• Monitors heat, cooling, and other environmental systems
• Maintains a level of security in a building, such as locking doors, storing keys, and using access codes for restricted areas and rooms
• Performs outdoor upkeep as necessary, including mowing grass, shovelling snow, and maintaining entrances and walkways

Skills and Qualifications
Physical Stamina, Knowledge of Chemicals and Solvents, Time Management, Attention to Detail, Ability to Work Independently, Supply Management, Basic maintenance. Safety shoe are required, and WHMIS test completion prior to starting position.
If you are qualified for this position, kindly send your resume to Nima Gadid