Senior DevOps Specialist / Spécialiste principal DevOps, Orchestration

Job CategoryInformation Technology
Position TypeContract
Application Deadline October 16, 2020
Experience Required4 years
Job Duration6 months
Education RequiredN/A

Our client is looking for a “Senior DevOps Specialist / Spécialiste principal DevOps, Orchestration” to work in Verdun, QC!
Key Responsibilities
• Design and lead the implementation and maintenance of DevOps practices (continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated testing, test-driven-development) for NSO software components.
• Design, develop and maintain resilient, secure, and efficient software driven infrastructure to meet telco-grade availability requirements.
• Monitor production platform availability, stability and performance and troubleshoot/fix issues; automate operations activities
• Manage the capacity of the development and production infrastructure supporting the NSO software components
• Scale infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand
• Collaborate with developers to bring new features and services into production
• Develop and improve operational practices and procedures
• Develop an open source code collaboration strategy (Git, CI/CD) with other company development teams, 3rd party partners and open source initiatives to drive speed of development across cross-functional teams.
• Design, implement, test, integrate and document software components
Critical Competencies
• Bachelor’s degree in IT, software engineering or equivalent.
• Minimum of four (4) years of DevOps experience in highly complex environments.
• Extensive experience with Linux administration and tuning (Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL).
• Proficiency in Shell, Python, and Go is a plus.
• Proficiency in building and running apps within Docker.
• Strong experience delivering and operating large, distributed, and resilient (micro-services) software systems in cloud environments such as Kubernetes.
• Strong experience in automation tools such as Helm, Ansible, Puppet, Salt, and Chef.
• Experience in CI/CD implementations (e.g. Git, Jenkins, GoCD, GitLAB, Nexus, Artifactory) to develop the fully automated CI/CD pipelines.
• Experience with shared storage technologies such as NFS and Gluster.
• Experience with clustered databases such as Galera, Percona, and PosgreSQL EDB.
• Experience with monitoring software such as Zabbix, Grafana, ELK and Prometheus.
• Experience with PROXY tools such as NGiNX and HAProxy.
• Experience with key/value stores and service discovery tools such as etcd and Consul.
• Strong aptitude for innovation; can recognize opportunities for improvement in day-to-day work and take appropriate actions; ideally an enthusiastic individual who can act as a change agent
• Strong interpersonal, collaboration, oral and written communication skills;
• Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills with a strong attention to detail
• Ability to conceptualize and think abstractly, and work and manage in a technically complex environment.
Preferred Competencies
• Experience delivering and operating services in virtual environments such as KVM and Openstack.
• Experience with DNS and tools such as Bind, Dig, PowerDNS and CoreDNS.
• Experience with Internet Protocols (IPv4, IPV6).
• Experience working in DevOps and Agile teams.
• Experience with network data plane acceleration technologies (DPDK, SR-IOV).
• Written and oral communications skills in both English and French
To apply, send your resume to: