Senior Innovation Lead – IoT

Job CategoryInformation Technology
Position TypeContract
Application Deadline October 30, 2020
Experience Required10+ years
Job Duration6 months
Education RequiredN/A

Our client is looking for a “Senior Innovation Lead – IoT” to work in Montreal.
Key Aptitudes: 
• Product Management:
o Strong understanding of Internet of Things technologies and eco-system; Ability to quickly get up to speed on complex technology, product, market challenges; Depth of technical understanding across the IoT eco-system (connectivity, platforms and solutions)
o Distinctive product management, problem solving, and analytical skills, combined with impeccable business judgment.
o Strategic thinker with strong product management instincts that drive innovation and efficiencies of scale.
o An entrepreneurial mindset; Possessing sound business acumen and leadership skills necessary to grow, support and sustain the practice for IoT.
o Thought leadership: influence and steer directions in the growing conversations about the intersection between IoT services & data, IoT customer experience, marketing, and business requirements & transformation
• Business Development:
o Champion customer experience:  work priorities enable the delivery of business objectives and customer value
o Proven aptitude to work with vendors and partners to build a win-win ecosystem and collaborate on new IoT offering and opportunities.
o Ability to develop long-term, forward-thinking IoT business strategies designed to keep the company ahead of competitors; Create/generate strategic opportunities to expand revenue and lead the implementation of these strategic opportunities.
o Evangelist & Stakeholder manager, tasked with representing the business,  promoting and advocating for the IoT Platform with clients, at executive  briefings, events, etc.
o Effectively position IoT offering with monetization opportunities for IoT Platform including services and APIs
o Solve business and communications problems using research and data to inform and support strategies and demonstrate effectiveness in measurement
• Research and Innovation background:
o Ability to think outside of the box and spark innovation: new IoT services ideation and evolution
o Proven aptitude and hunger for learning, an ability to develop and implement creative ideas, and the discipline to manage different projects to tight deadlines simultaneously.
o Advise stakeholders in clear and understandable language about research methodology and the implications that stem from IoT data and analysis
o Quality control: ensuring that the research developed by the IoT team is accurate, thoughtful and adheres to best practices.
o Create creativity and innovation ecosystems (partners & universities); Contribute to joint research projects with universities.
• Team Player
o Must have positive attitude and high energy with exceptional cross-group collaboration working both within and across partner teams.
o Team player with a sense of humor and the ability to exercise good judgment in a rapidly changing and sometimes stressful environment.
• Member
o Work with IoT internal cross functional teams and stakeholders to market IoT offering and to provide feedback on product & feature definition, feasibility, value, scope, timeline and development
o Collaborate  with team leadership (i.e. PO, Technical Team Leads, Solution Leads, Product Line) to (1) develop, define, and oversee the IoT strategy and roadmap, (2) achieve high quality deliverables and (3) to  align around the greatest opportunity and build high business value outcome
• Product Management Strategy
o Develop and implement a cohesive IoT product strategy; Defines and oversees the IoT product management strategy; roadmap and lifecycle of the company’s product portfolio. Lead the implementation of IoT strategic opportunities.
o Develop the monetization strategy and driving business model innovations for IoT Platform and solutions developed.
o Responsible for driving new product ideas for IoT solutions collaborating with the enterprise partners.
o Create an IoT Decision Framework, to help developing winning IoT product strategies, accelerate time to market, build repeatable solutions leveraging connectivity and DNA.
o Contribute to rapid and iterative development of validated minimum viable solutions.
o Contribute to the organization setup; Build teams around business capabilities and not technology;  (1) Customer Intimacy; (2) Deliver value rather than over engineering; (3) Establish business KPI and regular reporting & review iterations
o Drive alignment across the organization; Manage inter-dependencies and align IoT Roadmaps cross the IoT organization.
o Drive product thinking and customer focused solutioning for complex deals involving and multiple service lines as part of RFI, RFP and informal deal processes.
o Solve business and communications problems using research and data to inform and support strategies and demonstrate effectiveness in measurement.
o Ensure products meet the evolving needs of our customers and prospects. Recommend changes to existing approaches, product design, and product mix to maximize our market potential.
• IoT Industry Analyst, Strategy & Planning
o Champions market analysis activities – market segmentation, research, forecasting, and market access
o Conduct functional and non functional analysis within IoT Platform and strategic customers to understand business needs and opportunities
o Develops market awareness, industry insights, and trend identification to provide strategic direction to the IoT Platform teams.
o Gathers of market data, conducts vendor review and analysis, develop strategic relationships.
o Responsible for analysis of business outcomes for the platform IoT services.
o Partners with IoT Teams’ leaders to ensure expected business outcomes.
o Develops a process to disseminate insights throughout the organization.
• Technology Research & Innovation
o Responsible for driving strategic technology innovation for continued IoT business growth; new IoT services ideation and implementation
o Research/analyze future technological developments and changes in the IoT marketplace to ensure the company is well positioned to take advantage of both
o Identify new markets and sources of potential growth; recommend new approaches to maintain company’s IoT competitive edge.
o Responsible for the analysis of trends and developments in technology and for formulating strategic courses of action to maximize the company’s leverage within its market.
o Work with new technologies and champion them in IoT Communities and related technologies (i.e., 5G, MEC)
o Advise IoT stakeholders in clear and understandable language about research methodology and the implications that stem from data and analysis
o Ensures innovation and research initiatives are resourced and delivered in a timely, customer-embraced manner.
o Work with and mentor IoT team members to deliver on the vision for research, data, and insights within the company.
o Leads the financial evaluation of potential business/growth opportunities.
• Partners
o Develop strategic partnership to build repeatable market-validated IoT solutions that take advantage of the latest business and technology trends such as 5G, MEC, Massive and Critical IoT.
o Work with the partner ecosystem on customer centric digital transformation solutions with novel business models.
o Work in partnerships with key business leaders to prepare for the future; fosters and facilitates strategic thinking on innovative product initiatives.
o Responsible for researching and developing effective, financially sound business partners to augment and expand IoT offerings.
Prefered Qualifications; To be successfull
•  MS, or PhD in IT, Software engineering, Computer Science, or related field
•  10+ of experience and a proven track record as Product Leader within developing innovative and large-scale product solutions; plus,  a proven track record in product planning, defining and launching successful  products, unifying product portfolios and working with Public Cloud/SaaS product lines
•  Experience managing Telco and IoT product portfolios and the complete lifecycle of end-to-end IoT solutions, including hardware, connectivity, embedded software, cloud platforms, and user applications.
•  Digital Curiosity and strong understanding of how data analysis tools (e.g. big data aggregation) may be used to deliver actionable business insight.
•  Understanding of Agile, Lean and Scrum frameworks
•  Experience with product development framework like lean product development or UX
•  Good understanding of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), including deployment and maintenance processes
•  Understanding of DevOps concepts
•  Experience with the design thinking approach
•  Experience with cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or AWS.
•  Broadening businesses experience outside of R&D, e.g. MBA, Business Development or Marketing rotation/experience a plus.
•  Innovation skills including Curiosity, Agility, Strategic Thinking.
•  Sound business acumen and the ability to translate business goals and market needs into successful outcomes
•  Extraordinary  communication and relationship building skills to/with senior level executives: Director, VP, CxO
•  Experience developing and managing transformation initiatives from inception through implementation
•  Excellent leadership skills, including the ability to develop trust and credibility, lead by example, and motivate high-performing teams.
•  Ability to effectively manage multiple priorities in a complex environment.
•  Ability to present complex delivery and technical concepts to the clients during white boarding and oral sessions
•  Industry eminence and contributions thought leadership, publications, patents, white papers, etc.
•  High energy, positive, client-focused, able to adapt to a variety of business cultures and settings.
•  Vendor management experience a Plus – including identification, growth, optimization, and sun-setting of relationships, and ability to navigate vendor pitches to identify matches between internal need and truly breakthrough external capability.
To apply, please send your resume to: