Yard Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

Job CategoryIndustrial Staffing
Position Type
Application Deadline November 30, 2021
Experience Required1 year
Job Duration1 year
Education RequiredN/A

Forklift and backhoe experience is an asset
(Forklift experience mandatory, Backhoe preferred but not mandatory.)

• G-class license is required with an abstract for review.

• No outstanding criminal record.

• Preferably (not mandatory) the candidate has their own transportation to work.

? Maintain the yard and ensure at all time there is a clear pathway to all emergency stations, to all yard exits, and to all warehouse exits; kept clear of containers, garbage, ice/snow, and debris.

? Maintain the yard security ensuring:

• All gates, sea containers, and trailers are kept locked when not actively in use

• All visitors entering the yard are following protocols and have registered with the site supervisor prior to entering the yard and while working in the yard.

? Maintain the outdoor forklifts and backhoe, completing pre-shift inspections and proper sanitization.

? Operate the Backhoe as needed, for activities such as:

• Snow removal for multiple facilities, as required

• Mixing and transferring the solidification pit in to roll-off bins

? Maintain yard cleanliness and organization:

• Yard is swept clean and free of garbage and debris including the garbage collection area, the asphalt section next to the garbage bin, and the area in front of the pit and roll-off bins.

• The picnic table garbage is dumped at the end of the shift and any garbage around the picnic table and front doorway is picked up and cigarette butts are swept up.

• All scrap metal and garbage are dumped at a minimum by each shift’s end.

• Signs of residual material from containers or vehicles is to be contained, reported to a supervisor, and then cleaned up.

• All trailers actively being used will have their doors properly secured either to the side of the trailer or secured using a rope to prevent the doors from freely moving.

• Roll-off bins for Solidification, Garbage, and Scrap Metal Containing Residues are kept closed with their tarps secured and free from snow and ice when not actively in use. The bins are to be inspected at the beginning of each shift for missing crossmember support.

• Snow removal and other winter maintenance (such as sanding or salting) is completed when necessary.