December 17, 2019

MaxSys CEO Enters Political Race

MaxSys Staffing and Consulting CEO & Chairman, Dr. Bryan Brulotte KJ CD, is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the company, as he steps into the federal Conservative leadership race.

“Everything about this opportunity excites me. What CEO has not fantasized about throwing their hat into the ring? This seemed like an opportunity to leave a legacy on my native land and help it move towards unity, prosperity, and compassion.”

Brulotte leaves the company in the very capable hands of President, Scott Murphy, and Vice President of Corporate Services and Finance, Sheighna Maule.

“It is the perfect time to step away from my role as CEO and Chairman; operations are stable, prosperous, and strong. We are about to open our 15th office in February, and I have complete and utter faith in my team to carry on during my absence.”

For more information, please contact Annie Wiggins at 613-562-9943 ext. 129.