June 1, 2020

Prepare to Land a Job Now!

Canada’s economic future remains uncertain but what we can infer from the devastating blows to the workforce is that the job market will look very different post-COVID. With the unemployment rate rising month-over-month no one’s job is completely safe. So whether you are employed or unemployed, you should always be prepared. If you’re wondering what steps you can take, here are four approaches you should consider:

Your résumé

One thing everyone should be doing right now is updating their résumés. Even if you’re currently employed, keeping an updated resume is a smart move.  

Working from home

The Coronavirus outbreak is speeding up the shift from the traditional office toward a work from home culture. This change may be for the long term as many companies are keeping much of their workforce remote (for now, at least). What’s more, some are discovering the advantages that come with transitioning to remote work.

Brush up on these skills

There’s a lot of competition in the job market today. And with millions of Canadians facing unemployment, employers are looking for applicants with the right training. You can immediately stand out from the other candidates by sharpening in-demand skills such as Excel, project management, and presentation skills.

Excel has been around for decades and remains a necessary skill in the workplace. It’s the backbone of any successful decision as the software brings together numbers in ways that are easy to understand through VBA coding and graphs.

Successful telework also requires a different management approach from what many companies are used to. Gain a deep understanding of the best project management methods with the Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite. Experience exam-prepping lessons on concepts like Agile project management and other well-known management styles, so you’ll be prepared to validate your skills and impress recruiters.

Last but not least, the ability to present yourself well affects virtually every aspect of your career. It can make or break you as you try to climb the corporate ladder, enhance workplace relationships, and help you communicate your ideas. The best practices when it comes to presentations are all touched upon in the Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course 2020.


Speaking of confidence, have faith that you will bounce back from this downturned economy with these steps. It’s the perfect time to invest in yourself as personal growth usually comes from when we are hit the hardest.