We are determined to ensure that the process is as smooth and transparent as possible.

Sell your business to MaxSys Confidential & Trustworthy

Selling your business or creating retirement plans can be a challenge so it is crucial to feel confident in your decisions.

MaxSys can be a great deal for you! We understand the importance of making these transitions as smooth and stress-free as possible.

MaxSys strives to offer the best value for your firm and that your employees are treated fairly throughout the process.

At MaxSys, we rely on our significant past experience with sucessful mergers and acquisitions working with staffing businesses of all sizes.

Your company will be in good hands with MaxSys!

Dr. Bryan Brulotte GCJ CD
Chairman & CEO
(613) 562-9943
[email protected]

Cash on closing

You won't have to wait long for payment because we provide cash on closing. Knowing that you'll have money available immediately, will help reduce some of the stress associated win retiring or selling vour firm.

Shared independent business valuation reports

We offer reports prepared by a certified independent business valuations professional. As a result, you'll know exactly how much your company is valued at and how we arrived at that assessment. We embrace openness and want to make sure vou are comfortable with the formal valuation ot your company.

Fair treatment of you, your staff and much more!

We recognize the importance of your employees, and want to ensure they are well cared for during the changeover. Together, we will come up with a strategy to make sure they receive fair treatment.

If you have any specific ideas about the transition or to further discuss, we're here to listen and coordinate with you.