janvier 27, 2020

Lowering Your Bank Rate in 4 Steps

A lower interest rate can save your company thousands of dollars over the life of a business loan. But what steps do you need to take to get a lower rate?  The interest rate on a loan reflects the bank’s assessment of the risk that you won’t repay the money. To compensate for its risk,…

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janvier 23, 2020

Conference on Security and Defence

MaxSys Staffing and Consulting is proud to be a Strategic Sponsor of the upcoming CDA Institute’s Conference on Security and Defence. This conference has been welcoming ambassadors from around the world since 1932, and it’s mandate is more important now than ever. Putting Canadians role on a national stage and serving our interests and our…

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janvier 20, 2020

Setting a Budget for Marketing in 4 Steps

Every business needs to do marketing to attract customers, increase sales and compete better. But a lot of small business owners struggle to know just how much money they should be spending.  How much you should spend depends on your revenues, market and who you need to reach.   There is no one-size-fits-all.      That said, this…

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janvier 16, 2020

MaxSys Advanced Sales Training Program

MaxSys Staffing & Consulting prides itself on the training and elevating of our staff to help us advance our mission of providing outstanding staffing and consulting services.  The best way we do this is living our example and training our staff using the “MAST” system, which is our central pillar in success. MaxSys Advanced Sales…

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