juin 29, 2020

Anxious? How To Find Work Today

It’s clear that “stay-at-home” requirements aren’t going to disappear overnight. Some find themselves inundated with work, barely able to take time to sleep. While others are in a holding pattern, trying to make sure they look useful while their companies weigh options regarding furloughs, layoffs and paying staff during this business time-out. Then there are…

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juin 22, 2020


The coronavirus outbreak forced many companies to rely on online meetings. This had a dramatic impact on the hiring process. Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are starting to lift, there will still be a significant place for a digital strategy in your recruitment program. Leverage the skills you mastered during the lockdowns to include virtual interview capabilities to…

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juin 15, 2020

The Worst is Behind Us: Now Recovery!

As the recovery begins to take hold, we’re seeing how much ground has been lost Recent economic indicators are a stark reflection of Canada’s difficult reality.  While the contraction in GDP was less than expected in March, the data available to date suggest a sharper contraction in April. The gradual easing of lockdown measures, however,…

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juin 8, 2020

Five Certifications to Get you Hired!

Canada’s unemployment rate increased by 5.2 per cent, bringing April’s rate to 13 per cent. The dire news is due to COVID-19 and other factors, leaving the economy with nearly 2 million fewer jobs. This means that competition is going to be fierce for those of us looking for jobs in an already crowded job…

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