August 31, 2023

Mircea Maga 1960-2023 – Memorial Bench

It was only 2 months ago that we were made aware of the tragic accident that took our long standing employee and friend, Mircea Maga. He was a son, father, grandfather, brother and an exceptionally kind man. For over a period of two decades, he worked for MaxSys – GSI and was a force of…

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August 15, 2023

Donation to Charity

This week MaxSys made a donation to St. John Ambulance, which is a non-profit organization that gives first aid training coast-to-coast as well as supply first aid kits and supplies. The organization first started in 1883 in Quebec City and has now grown to have 300 communities across Canada. St. John has become a common…

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10 Tips to Collect Bills Effectively

Good cash flow management is critical to building a strong business. And collecting effectively on your accounts receivable is a key element in generating healthy cash flow. When you tolerate overdue bills, you are effectively financing your customers and hurting your working capital ratio. A shortage of working capital could threaten the very survival of your business….

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