March 22, 2021

Feedback for the Under-performing Employee

Employee feedback and constructive criticism is an important part of a leader’s daily routine. Here are seven do’s and don’ts when giving feedback to an underperforming employee: Do: Be timely The most effect feedback comes quickly after the action takes place. This keeps it relevant and meaningful, and ensures it’s fresh-of-mind for both the employee…

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March 9, 2021

JOB LOSS? 7 Habits to Adopt Now!

Over the last year, millions of people have found themselves involuntarily out of work—too often through no fault of their own. But whether the reason you lost your job has everything to do with your perceived performance, or absolutely nothing, it’s how you respond in the wake of it that will set you apart from others…

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March 1, 2021

Six Steps to Employee On-Boarding

So you think you’ve hired the “perfect” candidate? It’s imperative that the new employee’s onboarding experience leaves a positive impression. Did you know that employees who quit within the first 90 days usually do so because of the treatment they receive in the first two days? Ideally, you want new employees to quickly feel comfortable…

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